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Nino Chakvetadze’s exhibition in the Children’s Literature Centre

An exhibition of an internationally known Georgian painter and illustrator Nino Chakvetadze was opened in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre on April 10th, 2019. The opening was attended by the artist and her family, as well as the Ambassador of Georgia in Estonia. The exhibition is open until May 10th, 2019.

Nino Chakvetadze’s style is warm and emotional and the subjects of her paintings are often children. She draws inspiration from everyday moments and her paintings depict love, friendship, human relationships, and peace. According to the artist, she found her particular style in 2010 and her nostalgic paintings are based on memories that are relatable for many viewers.

The artist describes her paintings on the web-page Georgian Journal as follows: “I think my paintings are easy to understand in comparison with abstract drawings. I draw inspiration from ordinary moments of life. They may remind many people of some events and moments from their past, that’s why the audience perceives it with such emotion. I always try to put some deep meaning in my works.“

Viive Noor, the curator of the exhibition and the art expert of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre has said that people sometimes ask her why the children in Chakvetadze’s work look so sad: “I find it an odd question that shows the lack of empathy from the people who cannot see below the surface. A child does not have to grin on the picture like they would in a toothpaste commercial. And a person that does not laugh is not always sad. A child can look at the world and think about life in depth. A child can have a complex inner life. In my opinion, that’s what the children in Chakvetadze’s paintings are like  – thoughtful, preoccupied, sensitive, and attempting to understand the world.” Noor finds that the artist’s paintings touch people perhaps for the reason that they depict a deeper wisdom, and nuanced emotions, that may go unrecognized in everyday life, but are still within all of us.

Chakvetadze’s work is popular in her native land of Georgia where she has had more than 18 exhibitions. Additionally, her work has been exhibited in Lithuania and Germany. The artist visited Estonia last in 2017. She held a street exhibition of her work in Löwenruh park and performed in Rahva Raamat book store.

Nino Chakvetadze was born in Tbilisi. She has studied in the Nikoladze Art Institute and (1986–1990) and Tbilisi National Art Academy (1990–1996). She is the member of Georgian Painters Union since 1997. Chakvetadze’s art has been used by therapists and teachers who let children tell stories based on her pictures.

The exhibition is organized by the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre and Georgian Embassy in Estonia.

Viive Noor
Curator, the art expert of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre
+372 5557 9930