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Mika Keränen Participates in Estonian Literature Week in Finland

From the 13th until the 15th of February, Estonian Literature Week takes place in Finland, and Mika Keranen represents Estonian children’s authors there. Keränen will meet readers in three different libraries and in one school.

During this week, literature readings of Estonian authors take place in different cities around Finland, in libraries, schools and universities. Estonian literature is also presented online in the new magazine Helmi. The publication can be obtained at the venues of the events and Helsinki’s Estonian House.

This year’s festival takes place for the fifth time. The aim of the festival is to present Estonian authors and new Estonian literature in Finland. Estonian Literature Week is organised by the Tuglas Society, Estonian Literature Centre, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Majaoja Foundation, Union of Estonian Societies in Finland and the Estonian Institute.

Source: ”The Tuglas Society”