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Aino Pervik Awarded for her Lifetime Achievement

On Thursday, the 8th of February 2018 the Estonian government approved the recipients of the National Lifetime Achievement Award for Culture. The award for her long-term distinguished activity as a children’s writer was given to Aino Pervik.

Aino Pervik (Raud) is the favourite childhood author of many Estonians. She has given her readers unforgettable moments in the company of Kaari, Kunksmoor, Arabella and many other beloved characters. She also knows how to enchant today’s children, be it by reading stories about Paula, Klabautermann, Bluephant or the King of the Valley of Woes. Aino Pervik’s message has been born by a sense of mission and love of humanity for readers of all ages. She manages to express deep life truths in a way that makes them understandable to young readers.

The National Lifetime Achievement Award for Culture is presented for outstanding long-term creative activity and the amount of the award is €64,000. Three lifetime achievement awards for culture are presented each year. Besides Aino Pervik, theatre director Merle Karusoo and texile artist Anu Raud were awarded, too.

The lifetime achievement awards will be formally presented just prior to the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, on February 20 in Läänemaa Secondary School in Haapsalu.

Source: Ministry of Culture