Hüppa põhisisu juurde

Solo exhibition of Julia Bolshakova in the children’s literature centre

The solo exhibition of Moscow based artist Julia Bolshakova will open in the Estonian Children’s Literature Center stair gallery on September 3rd, 2019 at 5 p.m. The artist will attend the opening. The exhibition is available to the public until September 28th. 

Bolshakova’s main tool is the pen. She considers herself a graphic artist but she is not afraid to experiment from time to time. She enjoys combining man-made things with natural ones and the old with the new. She is also, fascinated by unusual angles and point of views. The main topic of her work is travelling: “I really enjoy travelling. I draw on every part of the process: when I am setting off, when I am on my to somewhere, or when I imagine new destinations for myself. It is the main trigger for my personal development.”

The artist is active in the Urban Sketchers movement in Moscow. This international network unites artists that engage in on-site drawing. Artists from around the world draw the city environment in their hometowns and during their travels.

“Julia is one of the few artists that can playfully and with ease conjure up in their drawings what they see during their travels. This skill of emotional sketching is slowly vanishing from the world,” says Viive Noor, the curator of the exhibition and the art expert in the Estonian Children’s Literature Center. According to Noor, a lot of artists use photo cameras during their travels these days because it is convenient but it also leaves the viewer without a certain something.

Julia Bolshakova was born and raised in Moscow. She has drawn intermittently all through her life: in kindergarten, in school and at the university. When she was not drawing, she was painting. Bolshakova trained as an architect and she also works as an artist. Since 2009, Bolshakova has participated in multiple exhibitions in Italy, France, and Germany. Her first solo exhibition took place in 2013 in Ney, Germany.