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NEW CATALOGUE: The Best Estonian Children’s Books of All Time

The small, innovative country of Estonia will be celebrating its centenary in 2018, and will also be a Market Focus country at the London Book Fair for the first time ever. It goes without saying that now is the best time to take a closer look at Estonian children’s literature!

Estonia has one of the world’s highest numbers of children’s books published annually per capita. In 2016, close to 3,800 works (780 of which were children’s titles) were published in the country, which has a population of merely 1.3 million. Estonian children’s books are exceptionally rich in fantasy, and enrapture readers with their intricate characters and fascinating dilemmas. Humour, deep bonds with nature, and strong female characters make the literature globally unique. Our books are likewise aesthetically pleasing, and are illustrated by highly-awarded professional artists.

This catalogue comprises a selection of Estonian children’s literature’s crowning works. With 19 carefully-chosen books written for children and youth of all ages and interests, it is an ideal assortment for picking out just the right title.

We invite you to discover, translate, and publish the rich range of children’s literature from Estonia!


Further information:
Helena Koch, Director of Foreign Relations, helena@elk.ee