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Estonian Children’s Books Chosen for The White Ravens Catalogue

The books include It’s Damn Good to Be a Bad Girl by Kätlin Kaldmaa and A Serious Thought by Jonas Taul.

The White Ravens Catalogue is put together annually by the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany. It consists of newly published books that deserve worldwide attention due to their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design. The catalogue is presented every year at the Book Fair in Frankfurt and at the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna the following year.

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It’s Damn Good to Be a Bad Girl by Kätlin Kaldmaa (Varrak, 2016)
140 pp
Age: 10+

Eleven-year-old Li’s mother and father are constantly out working in the barn and on the fields of the collective farm. Since Li is the oldest child, she is responsible for keeping an eye on her younger sister Lotta and her little brother Sass. Luckily, her neighbour Taavi – the girl’s best friend – is also around. Left to their own devices, the children are always searching for things to do at home as well as in the nearby forests and meadows. Naturally, not all their adventures unfold safely. Kätlin Kaldmaa’s memoir-like children’s book is set in rural 1980s Soviet Estonia.

A Serious Thought by Jonas Taul (Draakon & Kuu, 2016)
64 pp
Age: 6+

One night when a little boy crawls into bed, he starts to have all kinds of thoughts – beautiful thoughts, admirable thoughts, dangerous thoughts, frightening thoughs, thoughts that reach far and wide and take him on a journey to find answers.

More information: Helena Koch, Foreign Relations, The Estonian Children`s Literature Centre, helena@elk.ee